Sanhill Crane Quartet

Sanhill Crane Quartet
OIl on 18x24 inch canvas

Friday, June 16, 2017

Barn Owl

This Barn Owl hales from New Jersey where it's numbers have so decreased that it has been placed on the states endangered species list. "Barn Owls are threatened by the conversion of agricultural land to urban and suburban development, and the loss of suitable nesting sites such as large, hollow trees and old buildings. Changes to agricultural fields and grasslands can also affect Barn Owls through changes to their prey populations. Barn Owls were affected by the use of DDT-related pesticides, and they may be susceptible to poisons used against rodents, since they form a large part of the owls’ diet. Because Barn Owls hunt by flying low over fields, they are often hit by cars; planting hedgerows alongside roads can help prevent this from happening. Nest boxes (of the correct size) have helped Barn Owl populations recover in areas where natural nest sites were scarce."

The Barn Owl hunts at night feeding on small rodents, bats and other small mammals active at night. 

I used water soluble graphite pencils on 11 x 14 inch water color paper to create this portrait. 

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